Every great hero needs a sidekick, of course, and the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan has always been paired with his big blue ox Babe, who didn't really have a personality, but at least seemed pretty loyal and a good pet to have during a fight.

But in the movie version of Paul Bunyan's story, the MGM animated feature Bunyan & Babe, that ox will be given a personality by none other than Jeff Foxworthy. THR is reporting that Foxworthy will join the cast alongside John Goodman, who will voice Bunyan, and Kelsey Grammer, playing an evil developer whom Bunyan & Babe must stop from destroying a town.

It's been a long time since I was at all interested in Foxworthy's comedy, but he seems perfectly well-suited to the donkey-from-Shrek kind of sidekick role. It's a movie that seems very much aimed toward kids anyway, so as long as it makes them happy, it works for me.

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