Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we've all been rooting for you, overlooking your bizarre resemblance to Javier Bardem in order to appreciate your awesomeness as The Comedian in Watchmen, your continued awesomeness in The Losers, and OK, wept a little bit when you kicked the bucket on Grey's Anatomy. But come on, Mr. Morgan-- you are better than by-the-numbers horror movies, which is why I can't understand how you're part of the upcoming straight-to-DVD haunted house effort The Resident and now signing on for yet another one.

According to Variety Morgan will be starring for Lionsgate in Dibbuk Box, a horror thriller already set for release on October 28 (taking the Saw slot that Lionsgate has occupied the last seven years). The story, "inspired by true events," features Morgan as a father whose daunter brings home an antique box that contains a dibbuk, a spirit "that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host." You may remember a dibbuk playing a key role in the prologue of A Serious Man; it's been an element of Jewish folklore for centuries, and pops up in modern horror stories whenever they're sick of using ghosts, I guess.

Dibbuk Box will be directed by Ole Bornedal, a Danish director who is making his English-language debut with the film. If you want a positive sign, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are producing through Ghost House Pictures-- but Ghost House has also been responsible for all the Grudge sequels so… use your judgement here.

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