There used to be more a web of secrecy around movie news, at least for the average person. When news did come, it was a deluge of information, giving you who, what, when, and where, usually in trailer form. Things are different now. First we report on a pitch, then a go-ahead, then a director or script, then maybe the lead actor and then probably another story on the main supports. Not so with The Giant Mechanical Man. Here is all the information you could ever care to know.

According to IndieWire, Lee Kirk’s new romantic comedy will see Jenna Fischer as a lovely and kind zoo attendant falling for a street performer played by Melanie Lynskey’s sad husband in Away We Go. His name is Chris Messina in case you’re wondering. Rounding out the cast are Topher Grace playing a brash motivational speaker and Malin Akerman playing Fischer’s stupid, well-intentioned sister.

With Cameron Crowe’s upcoming We Bought A Zoo entering preproduction, 2011 may well be our best chance for a celebrity wild animal attack for awhile. Not saying I’m in favor of this happening, it’s just worth noting.

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