It's finally gone out of style to hate on Diablo Cody, or care about her much one way or another, which probably suits her just fine. But those of you looking for more ammunition to either love her or hate her will get what you want on September 18 of next year, when Jennifer's Body hits theaters.

Coming Soon picked up on the release date for the horror comedy, which stars Mamma Mia's Amanda Seyfried as a girl charged with killing her best friend when a demon possesses her body . The fact that this best friend is playing by Megan Fox, the "hot girl" of the moment, will probably pique the interest of a lot of guys who weren't all that interested in Ellen Page back in 2007. Karyn Kusama, who directed the critically revered indie Girlfight in 2000, took over hte reins for this one, which guarantees plenty of girl power across the board.

Personally, I'm excited-- I still like Diablo Cody, hideous Oscar dress be damned, and I'm thrilled to see what she does next. Even if Megan Fox is involved.

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