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A few months ago it was revealed that Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will be the last time Tom Cruise appears as Ethan Hunt and that the franchise will be passed on to Jeremy Renner, one of the fastest rising actors in Hollywood, who is also starring in the new film. If that is indeed the case, it would seem that Renner is going to be taking over two spy franchises.

Deadline is reporting that Universal has officially offered the lead role in The Bourne Legacy to Jeremy Renner. The story runs against one from earlier today that said Joel Edgerton, who is starring in Universal's The Thing prequel, was going to be given the part. The article says that while the offer is out there, Renner hasn't accepted yet, but "is expected to sign on quickly to play a new character." Directed by Tony Gilroy - who wrote the first three Bourne films - the new movie will be a spin-off from the Matt Damon movies, featuring a new character that exists in the same world as Jason Bourne, but isn't actually him. The story confirms a scoop by Latino Review back on April 1st.

Of all the choices they could have made Renner is probably the best one, but this idea is still really stupid. No matter how much they stress that Renner won't be playing Matt Damon's character, that's what every is going to think and they will likely reject it. It borders on a waste of talent.

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