It's been a while since Jeremy Renner was seemingly part of every single casting announcement that came down the pike, but the guy does seem to be everywhere and in no hurry to take a break. Deadline reports that Renner has attached his name to yet another project, and one that will have him playing a bank robber for the second time after The Town. The film in question is The King of Heists, an adaptation of J. North Conway's nonfiction account of a $3 million bank robbery executed in 1878. Renner will play George Leslie, the mastermind behind the whole plot who "came to New York appearing to be a mannered gent." Ah, it's always the most mannered ones who then reach back behind you and steal your wallet.

Renner is also on board as a producer, along with Don Handfield and Teddy Schwarzman; Will Staples is attached to write the script, and presumably they're in the process of looking for directors, a process Renner can probably have a strong hand in. To make an assumption about what kind of bank heist movie this will be, it sounds like another action-heavy project for Renner, who broke out with The Hurt Locker, terrified everyone in The Town, and soon will be the heir apparent not just to Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but to Matt Damon in the new edition of the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Legacy. Oh, and he's got his role in The Avengers, which can lead to his own franchise the minute Marvel says "go." At least King of Heists could give him the opportunity to create a new character, rather than just shouldering more existing franchises.

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