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Not being a youth, and never having lived in Los Angeles, I never hear about dance trends until 5 years after they're cool, and never ever understand them. So I'm just going to let the younguns proceed with the dance craze "jerkin'" and assume that the studio suits who agreed to make a movie based on this trend somehow actually know what they're talking about.

According to THR, Melee Entertainment, the company behind this summer's forgotten comedy Next Day Air, are developing a movie based on the dance, which involves dancers wearing tight neon clothing and doing dances that are athletic like breakdancing, but, well, different. It's also a got a hit song "You're a Jerk," by the group The New Boyz, the video for which you can also see below. Take a look and see if there's any kind of story in this, or just fascinating evidence that people invent far more interesting stuff than you ever expect.

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