Because Tony Scott has been doing press for his newest film, Unstoppable, for the past few weeks, journalists have been peppering him with questions regarding the supposed sequel to his 1986 film Top Gun. He's already gone on record saying that the film will be about unmanned aerial vehicles and that it won't be a remake or a reinvention. But with Nemesis, Potsdamer Platz, Hell's Angels and The Associate all already on his docket, it's fairly obvious that we won't be seeing the sequel anytime soon. Now producer Jerry Bruckheimer seems to be questioning whether it will ever happen at all

Speaking to E! after BAFTA L.A.'s Britannia Awards, the producer sounded much less confident in the idea that the project will ever come to frution, saying that they've been developing a sequel since the first film hit in the mid-80s but have never been able to get it done. "Tom Cruise took a run at it many years ago and we just couldn't crack it," Bruckheimer said. "So we'll see what happens now."

I'd still appreciate someone telling me why we need another Top Gun movie. Oh yeah...the ladies like the slow-motion volleyball.

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