Unlike many, many of the video games that get adapted for movies, Shattered Union has a concept that actually sounds like something I'd want to see on the screen. It takes place in a United States where multiple civil wars have broken out, Washington, D.C. has been wiped out by a nuclear bomb, and the Europeans are stepping in to demand we get our act together. Not bad, right?

Jerry Bruckheimer, the king of putting disasters onscreen, agrees with me too. He's picked J. Michael Straczynski to adapt the game for Disney, according to Variety. Straczynski has one of the more varied screenwriting careers out there, having both created Babylon 5, written the Clint Eastwood movie Changeling, and adapted the zombie apocalypse novel World War Z. He actually seems like a good fit for the material, given that he'll have to fit in some kind of character-based drama amid all the mayhem, and in Changeling, despite the movie's other problems, the characters at least had life to them. Not that any of the characters fighting the epic battles of Shattered Union are likely to live long.

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