Jessica Biel is still more famous for dating Justin Timberlake than pretty much any of her screen roles, but dammit, she's trying hard to change that. Last month she signed on to play a mob informant for An Education director An Education, and now THR is reporting that she'll star in Vivaldi, a period romance about the "Four Seasons" composer.

Luke Evans, who will hold the distinction of being both in Clash of the Titans and Tarsem's knockoff Immortals, will be playing the composer, while Biel plays a woman who was "his favorite prima donna" and a close pal, though apparently most scholars agree that there was no actual romantic relationship between them. But of course, why would you let that get in the way of a good period romance? Patricia Riggen, who made the sappy but kind of lovely Mexican-American family film Under the Same Moon, will be directing the script by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott, and the entire project is being sold at Cannes this week.

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