When we all heard about a possible new Three Stooges movie with Benicio Del Toro, Jim Carrey and Sean Penn there is no way we thought it could be true. Why would they do such a horrible thing? When we previously reported the back and forth of who was going to play who, last word was that Jim Carrey was not involved with the project. That may have changed. Recent comments made by Benicio Del Toro at a press junket for his upcoming film, The Wolfman, tell use Carrey may still be involved.

A writer from MTV asked Del Toro “They’re seriously going to make this thing?” referring to the new Three Stooges film. “Well, we’re not there yet,” explained the Oscar-winning actor, who will play Moe Howard if the film is made. “But the idea is still alive.” The idea is still alive? If there is any idea that should be dead and buried, it’s the idea of a new Three Stooges film.

Del Toro went on to say, “I can’t tell you that we have a date, but there is an ideal cast, and we’ll see what happens.” He added “If that whole group of actors -- the other two actors that they’re talking about -- if they do it, I’m definitely going to be there,” Del Toro promised. “Jim Carrey and Sean Penn. But nothing is for sure; it’s not locked.”

Penn and Del Toro have been buddies since their film 21 Grams and Benicio says they’ve had conversations about how they could translate their acting talents into “skillful-but-lowbrow physical comedy on par with the classics” That’s a tall order. Are they up to the task?

So now that Del Toro thinks Carrey is could still be on board, where is this headed? Close your eyes and picture what this is going to look like. It’s a picture so insane that you’ll have to see it.

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