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On Saturday we were hit with the latest in rumors about the Fantastic Four reboot, with reports from Comic Book Movie that True Blood's Stephen Moyer had been offered the role of Dr. Doom. Now they're at it again with the rumors, but this time it's about who will be behind the camera. CBM reports they've narrowed down a shortlist of who they want to see take over the franchise, and Joe Carnahan, David Yates, and James McTeigue are the final three.

All the names make sense for what Fox seems to be planning-- a cheaper, younger version of the clunky franchise that won few fans back in the 00s. Carnahan is coming off of the slightly underperforming A-Team, but has the proven ability to mix comedy and action that a Fantastic Four reboot would probably need. Yates is entering the homestretch of an epic four-film tenure as the director of the Harry Potter franchise, and while it's hard for me to imagine him wanting to jump on board another giant effects film, he's obviously up to the task. McTeigue is an odder and maybe even more appropriate choice, having made two crazy action movies -- V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin-- that nobody seemed all that interested in seeing. He'd probably be the cheapest of the three, and maybe also the most likely to bring something new to the table.

Of course this is just a rumor right now, so take it all with the usual required grain of salt. As cynical as this may sound, it doesn't matter all that much who they choose to direct, since franchise of this size will be micromanaged by the studio at every turn. But do you have any names you'd rather see on this shortlist? Or would you rather the whole Fantastic Four enterprise just take a few years off being trying to get started all over again?