Joe Carnahan at this point is as famous for the movies he's made-- Smokin' Aces, the upcoming A-Team-- as the ones that he hasn't. He once planned a remake of Otto Preminger's Bunny Lake Is Missing that fell apart, and for years has been trying to make Killing Pablo, about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, as well as an adaptation of James Ellroy's novel White Jazz.

While he still claims both of those movies may happen, someday, he's got something else in mind for his A-Team follow-up (along with any potential sequels to that movie, of course). Talking to Cinematical, Carnahan said he's thinking about a project called The Grey, "Which is about a group of pipeline workers in Alaska flying back into civilization after being remote for a number of months. The 737 they're on goes down, and they begin to be hunted by a pack of rogue wolves. It's very much a man vs. nature adventure, existentialist kind of drama that I want to do. We're very, very close to it now."

But given his storied history with projects staying in development forever, Carnahan has something of a back-up plan in the other two projects. If not [The Grey], Killing Pablo's always going to be up there for me," said Carnahan. "And White Jazz – I'm still bound and determined to make that movie."

Given what a gigantic movie it's bound to be, many people will get their first look at Carnahan's work with The A-Team this summer, and its success could definitely determine where all these projects go from here. Carnahan knows he's potentially on the cusp of something gigantic right now, so it's probably smart to lay out his options before things start getting really crazy.

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