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Universal has Joel Edgerton as one of their stars in their forthcoming prequel to/remake of The Thing, coming this fall, but apparently they like him even more than that-- so much that they want him in not one but two of their upcoming tentpole films. According to Vulture director Tony Gilroy has set his sights on Edgerton to star in Bourne Legacy, but the studio also wants him to take over as the huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman, a role recently vacated first by Viggo Mortensen and then Hugh Jackman.

The problem is that he can't star in both-- each of the films are gearing up for production fairly soon-- and also the studio isn't certain that Edgerton, whose most significant recent credit was in Animal Kingdom, is a big enough star to lead a new Bourne film all on his own. It's a reasonable question-- the studio has been looking at a lot of name-brand stars to revive the franchise started by Matt Damon, who was already a star in his own right before The Bourne Identity came out. No matter how talented is, the studio would seem to have little motivation to hand the franchise over to a relative newcomer. I mean, he was in two of the Star Wars prequels as Owen Lars, but so was Jimmy Smits, and you don't seen him leading franchises.

Vulture suggests that if Edgerton doesn't get the Bourne part he will likely play the Huntsman, and that James McAvoy or Shia LaBeouf also top the list of Bourne choices. Either way the winner in this scenario is Edgerton, a rising star with an entire studio that wants to make him richer and more famous.

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