When I reported yesterday on Giovanni Ribisi joining the cast of Seth MacFarlane's Ted, I wondered if he'd been cast in the role of a sleazy boss who hits on Mila Kunis's character, a role Adam Scott had originally been up for. Turns out that Scott has indeed been replaced by another actor, but it's one of his fellow NBC comedy stars, not Ribisi. According to Deadline Joel McHale has signed on to play the boss in the comedy, which will presumably shoot during his hiatus from Community.

Though McHale is famous as the host of E!'s The Soup and now as Jeff Winger on Community, he's been doing a good amount of film work lately; in 2011 he'll appear in both the Anna Faris-led comedy What's Your Number and the ensemble birdwatching comedy The Big Year, along with Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin. He'll also be in, uh, Spy Kids 4, so there's that. Ted is easily going to be one of the most anticipated comedy projects coming out in 2012, being MacFarlane's directorial debut and yet another attempt from Mark Wahlberg to prove that he's funny (I'd argue it didn't work out so well in The Other Guys, but I know a lot of people disagree with me there). Bringing McHale on board can't possibly be a bad thing, so consider this a check in the "pro" column on Ted.

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