The title Monsterpocalypse might sound so unusual that it could quite possibly be an original project, but never fear-- it's an adaptation of a board game like all the others, and it's also likely to be directed by Tim Burton, who hasn't made an original movie since Corpse Bride (and before that, Mars Attacks!) and doesn't seem interested in starting again any time soon.

Monsterpocalypse has been in development for a while at DreamWorks, where they're hoping to get Burton to direct, and now the production has inched another step forward. THR reports that John August, who wrote Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride for August, is in negotiations to adapt Monsterpocalypse. The article points out that the movie might conflict with the Dark Shadows adaptation that Burton has set up at Warner Bros., which could be ready to start filming whenever Johnny Depp finishes playing Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates film, and might be capable of delaying Monsterpocalypse even further. THR seems to think that the similar themes of both movies-- Dark Shadows is a soap opera about werewolves and vampires, Monsterpocalypse a board game about monsters-- might inspire Burton to ditch one or the other, but fears of repeating himself haven't ever stopped him in the past.

The basics of the board game seem well-suited to Burton's visual style, and we can probably count on August to fashion some kind of reasonable story out of all of that. But after the unforgivably popular mess that was Alice in Wonderland, I'm not inclined to blindly trust Burton on pretty much anything anymore. You know what's more interesting than all of this? August's recent blog post discussing the Bechdel Law, and the honest admission that virtually none of this screenplays qualify. Check that out and we'll forget all about Monsterpocalypse for now.

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