They showed a ton of great stuff at today’s “Inside The Walt Disney Studios” presentation at the D23 Expo. I’ve already posted recaps of The Avengers, Monsters University, Brave and The Muppets, but now it’s time to take a trip to Mars.

With director Andrew Stanton and stars Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe, and Lynn Collins on stage, the audience in the Anaheim Convention Center was privy to a four clips from the upcoming epic based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Check out the recap below.

The first clip begins right after John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) has landed on Mars. Searching around, he picks up rocks investigating his terrain. Climbing up to a higher point, he finds what appears to be a flat rock. Wiping his hand across the rock, he reveals a sheet of glass covering a bunch of eggs. The eggs begin to shake and crack until finally baby green tharks (martians) break out. He begins to freak out and question aloud where he is. In another location a green hand picks up a silver piece of jewelry that we assume belongs to John. Cutting back to the protagonist, John sees a bunch of tharks charging on huge beasts. Out of nowhere, however, a spear comes flying at John, thrown by Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe). John quickly jumps out of the way, but because he’s on Mars he actually jumps 30 feet into the air.

Amazed by this, Tars runs towards the other tharks, who are now shooting at John, and tells them to stop. While they don’t at first, eventually they do listen and run off. Trying to ease the situation, Tars, speaking in a Martian language with subtitles, says, “Hello. Don’t run away.” John, who is hiding behind a rock for cover, looks over and sees Tars’ weapons. Slowly getting out from behind the rock, John raises his hands and the two begin to talk. Tars introduces himself and John understands and replies, “Captain John Carter, Virginia.” Confused, Tars believes that John’s name is Virginia (which is played for laughs). Tars, who is still amazed by John’s abilities, then asks if John can jump again. John obliges by jumping over Tars’ head and landing by the weapons. John throws a blade at Tars, who avoids it, and yells for him to stop. John is about to pick up a gun when a sniper in the distance fires a shot. Tars grabs John and the screen goes black before we can see who the bullet hit.

The second clip centers on the relationship between John Carter and his dog-like companion, Woola. The scene begins with John chained to a rock by both arms, his lap covered in baby tharks. John manages to pull his chains out of the wall, when a giant creature walks out of the darkness. The creature looks like dog that has been stretched horizontally: this is Woola. After walking a few steps, Woola collapses and falls asleep. Believing that he has a chance to escape, John leaps up to another rock formation, but is amazed to see that Woola is there waiting for him. Surprised, he takes another leap only to find Woola there as well. He jumps again, this time we see that Woola can run incredibly fast and is just chasing him around.

The third clip begins with John in a room with Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). She is being forced to marry Sab Than (Dominic West), a high ranking member of a rival group. Dejah is dressed in a wedding gown and John tells her that she looks beautiful. While John is trying to get back to Earth, Dejah wants him to stay and fight for her city, Helium. After a long pause, Dejah says that she’s found the way to get John back home using the necklace seen in the first clip. She tells him to repeat after her as she recites an incantation. As John repeats her words, the necklace begins to glow with a blue light. A loud banging can be heard on the door as Sab Than tries to break in. As John is getting to the last words of the incantation, Sab Than gets through the door and asks Dejah if she is alone. It appears John has disappeared. Sadly, she replies, “Yes, I am alone.”

Finally the fourth scene features John and Tars Tarkas in a gladiator arena. Tars looks extremely injured and John has been chained to a large rock. As a large cage begins to open John asks Tars what is going to come out. Tars responds, “White Ape.” A giant, four-armed, white-furred creature storms out and immediately begins attacking. The ape smacks Tars and John. John tries to distract the White Ape and pull himself out of the rock. The White Ape tries to attack him and he leaps over its head, but gets pulled back by the chain. It’s not going well for the heroes, but things are about to get worse: one of the tharks, looking bored, says, “Release the other one.”

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