It's been a LONG time since we last reported about Sam Mendes' adaptation of Vertigo Comics' Preacher (we're talking January here), but with a subject so enticing and blasphemous, it only takes the mention of the project by a celebrity to get our attention. So guess what happened?

John Cusack, in an interview with io9 to promote 2012, casually mentioned that he would be interested in doing the project, should he be asked. How casual are we talking? The interviewer brought up comic book movies, he didn't actually know the title of the comic - he referred to it as a comic about "a vampire and a killer...on the road" - and would really only do it if he could get one of the main roles. Otherwise, he is totally on board.

This isn't exactly shattering news, but it is nice to see that the project is still humming in Hollywood. The adaptation has a great backing team in Mendes (coming off the Oscar winning Revolutionary Road and the mediocre Away We Go) and John August (writer of Big Fish and the under-appreciated Go), and Cusack may even be the perfect man for the role of Jesse Custer. After all, this is the actor who has made a career out of being the good guy with a bad side, and what is that if not a possessed preacher who kills his entire congregation?

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