Earlier this year, John Hillcoat and Shia LaBeouf were going to make The Promised Land together, a film about three brothers working as bootleggers, but the project quickly fell apart after the fall of the finance company backing the film collapsed. But if a filmmaker and an actor are determined to work together, they will find a way, and it appears that Hillcoat and LaBeouf have.

The Wrap reports that the two have expressed interest a spec script titled Triple Nines from writer Matt Cooke, though neither is in negotiations. The story centers on a group of corrupt cops planning a heist who realize they need to shoot one of their own in order for their plan to succeed. The victim they choose is a young cop on the right side of the law. The title of the project comes from the police code "999" which is the signal sent out when an officer is in need of assistance.

I understand you might see a pattern developing in my writing after I did the same thing to the Jeffrey Dean Morgan project announced earlier this evening, but how is this much different then Reservoir Dogs? There are some obvious differences, such as the fact that everyone is a cop instead of the team trying to find out who the cop is, but a young cop gets shot in the midst of a bank heist? That screams Mr. Orange to me.

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