John Krasinski didn't get the Captain America job after all, but he will have the chance to save the world... or at least a corner of it. Deadline Hollywood reports that Krasinski is joining Drew Barrymore in Whales, playing a small town newspaper reporter opposite Barrymore's Greenpeace activist.

The action, based on a true story, takes place in a small Alaskan town in 1988, where three gray whales got trapped under ice and both the Russian and American governments came together to cooperate and save the whales. Krasinski's character, who sounds a whole lot like he could be a Northern Exposure edition of Jim Halpert, is the reporter who uncovers the story. There's no mention of a potential romance between his and Barrymore's characters, but given that the movie is directed by Ken Kwapis-- responsible for the thoroughly unoriginal comedy License to Wed-- it wouldn't be all that surprising.

Barrymore and Krasinski are really likable on their own, but put them together and with a bunch of endangered whales, and we might wind up with the cutest thing ever. Kwapis has also been responsible for some good episodes of The Office, and one of the best Parks & Recreation episodes, so maybe it's not doomed to turn out like He's Just Not That Into You... with whales.

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