When I saw Jesse Moss in The Uninvited, playing the tragically short-lived boyfriend, he didn't seem particularly impressive or memorable. But apparently he's got one thing going for him that no other actor does: His name is almost exactly the same as the lead character in Dear Mr. Gacy, and that may just be how he snagged the role in the upcoming drama.

Jesse Moss will play Jason Moss, a college student who became obsessed with serial killer John Wayne Gacy, narrowly escaped an attack from him, and visited the killer on death row before ending his own life in 2006. THR says the producers are selling the story as a real-life Silence of the Lambs, but it's hard to imagine that movie working so well with Clarice biting it in the end.

William Forsythe, recently seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween, will play Gacy, a Chicago resident who raped and murdered 33 boys and young men in the 1970s. Oh, and he dressed as a clown for parties in his neighborhood, which adds an entirely different level of terror. European director Svetozar Ristovski will make his English-language debut here, with Monster producer Clark Peterson participating as well. Something about this guy and serial killers, I guess.

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