Takei was born this way, meaning an actor. Recounting his deep need to perform from an early age, George declares in the doc, "You are born an actor." His loving father urged him not to go into show business, pointing out how hard it would be as an Asian-American, a group not very well represented in TV or film. George told him, "Daddy I'm going to change it!"

Changing it wasn't easy. While Sulu went on to become a role model for many Asian-Americans, Takei sometimes struggled, taking offensive roles to further his career. His first gig ever was providing voices for the American overdub of Rodan. And later he played racist Asian stereotypes in two Jerry Lewis movies, The Big Mouth and Which Way to the Front? He was convinced to do this duo by an Asian-American agent, who believed Lewis's vehicles could mean mainstream exposure for Takei. However, he regrets taking these roles, and thinks they did little to help his career.

George would be happy to jump on Marvel's voicework train. James Spader, Paul Bettany, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper have all gotten to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as voice actors. Takei has done voice work on Marvel cartoon series like Ultimate Spider-Man and The Super Hero Squad Show. And he'd be game to take his iconic timbre to the big screen, "I would love to be a superhero."

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