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2014's John Wick kicked all sorts of ass at the box office, so naturally a sequel was bound to be in the cards. But with a new film comes a bold mix of old favorites and new competitors – which is reflected in John Wick 2's announcement that Common and Ian McShane will be joining the sequel's cast.

The Hollywood Reporter grabbed the scoop that the musician turned movie star is putting his skills as a cinematic assassin to work yet again, as the main baddie who will tangle with Keanu Reeves' titular assassin. McShane, on the other hand, will be coming back to his role of Winston - the owner of the infamous Continental Hotel.

Common's casting is not that big of a stretch, as he's fought against assassins in Smokin' Aces, while also playing one himself in this year's Run All Night. While that last film may not have caught fire with audiences upon its release, Common's role as Andrew Price was undoubtedly one of the film's more memorable components. It can be chalked up to both his imposing physicality, as well as that particularly bad-ass fight between his character and Liam Neeson's, but Common's casting in John Wick 2 makes us even more excited for what lies ahead.

Then there's the return of McShane's ruthless, but fair, Winston. Bringing back the proprietor of the original film's safe haven for professional killers means that the setting is pretty much considered a hallmark of the film's success. With The Continental's ultra swank appearance, and its policy for the prevention of killing within its walls, it's only a matter of time before someone runs afoul of the house rules. And we all know what Winston, or any Ian McShane character for that matter, does when someone breaks the house rules. For a quick, but still intimidating, reminder – check out the spoilerific video from John Wick below:

With its surprise victory at last year's box office market, John Wick has already set the expectations fairly high for John Wick 2's attempted follow-up. Casting Common, as well as bringing back Ian McShane, is a great sign of those in charge realizing what worked with the first film, as well as noticing who would work best when it comes to the franchise's future. With only Chad Stahelski returning to direct the sequel, we'll see if John Wick 2 can keep up the pace with its wildly successful predecessor.

There is no production timetable, or suggested release date, for John Wick 2. However, as soon as details emerge, we'll be there to break them like plate glass window.