Forget effeminate pirates, Johnny Depp was born to play effeminate rockers. That may be exactly what he’ll do, according to an item picked up by JoBlo from The Independent. They say he may be playing brilliant Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

Why not? After all, Captain Jack Sparrow is Keith Richards. Why not do the rock and roll thing for real? The project is still in early development with Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions, with original Queen guitarist Brian May somehow involved in the project. May confirmed its existence and threw his support behind Johnny as the killer Queen.

This sounds to me more like May’s dream casting for the character, rather than something that’s actually happening. Has the part been offered to Depp? Has he expressed an interest in tackling it? I don’t know. As a Queen fan, I do know he’d be damn near a perfect fit for the part. Not only can Depp pull off the part, with a little makeup it’d be easy to see him as a dead ringer for the drunken, AIDs stricken, gay rock and roll frontman. Freddie Mercury is the kind of part Johnny Depp was born to play.

If it’s not Depp, then maybe they should consider hiring Borat. The physical similarities are uncanny.

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