It looks like Johnny Depp will be taking home quite the bag of loot for returning as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. picked up on a report in the London tabloid The Daily Mail that said Depp will take in about $56 million, which would make him the highest up-front paid actor in movie history. Just behind Depp is Tom Hanks who reportedly took $50 million up-front for Angels & Demons (2009). In terms of paychecks after the fact, Keanu Reeves holds the top spot. He was paid $20 million up-front in addition to %15 of the gross for The Matrix sequels, which comes to a total of about $194 million. And I thought Depp’s $56 million sounded like a lot.

There is a potential downside to all that money. Unfortunately, that downside will only affect those of us paying the $12 to see the film. If Depp is taking home such a big bankroll, odds are that Orlando Bloom won't reprise his role (Keira Knightley has already said she's not interested). Although Depp’s character is the heart of the series, removing the supporting characters would seriously lessen my excitement for a new Pirates film. So what is Jack Sparrow is a pirate? Shouldn’t he know how to share?

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