Johnny Depp?! Speaking Spanish?! Ladies, you better take the next year and a half to bone up on swooning your asses off because not since Don Juan DeMarco has Depp dropped this amount of sexiness in one sitting. Combine that with the just announced co-star Salma Hayek and the sheer force of that much sexy in one room may just cause the world to implode.

Screen Daily is reporting that the long anticipated Pancho Villa film, now titled Wild Roses, Tender Roses, changed from Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers, will start shooting in February 2011 with Emir Kusturica at the helm. The renowned Serbian director is a two-time Palme d’Or winner at Cannes alongside a laundry list of other awards he’s been given for just about every project he’s touched since 1981. Contrary to what we’re used to seeing from Depp, the Villa biopic will be shot entirely in Spanish. There’s gonna be a whole lot of languages flying around that set.

As anticipated as this movie already is, Depp and Kusturica both have other projects tying them up until this time next year. Depp will pickaway at his laundry list of credits while Kusturica directs Cool Water in Israel. The two have worked together before in American Dream in 1983, and most recently when Kuturica unveiled a full-size statue sculpted in Depp’s honor.

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