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When it comes to big budget screenwriting few are more hit or miss than David Koepp. While the writer has written some great movies, like Jurassic Park and Spider-Man, he's also the man with the pen behind movies like Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Angels & Demons. You never know what you're going to get, but director Rob Marshall and Johnny Depp are hoping for the best from his newest project.

Deadline reports that David Koepp has been hired to write the script for the remake of The Thin Man. Originally there was talk that Jerry Stahl (Bad Boys II) would be getting the gig, but, according to the site, "apparently nothing got written" and Koepp was brought on board. The project reunites Marshall and Depp, who worked together on this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Depp is also producing the project.

Based on the series of books by Dashiell Hammett, the plot centers around Nick and Nora Charles, a married couple that decides to solve murder mysteries for fun. The first film version of the books was made in 1934 and the film spawned five sequels as well as a television series. Depp will play Nick and it's unknown who will play Nora. The site says that they may take elements from the first two films and combine them while Marshall, who previously directed Chicago and Nine, is also interested in including musical numbers.

With The Lone Ranger running into budget problems recently this move isn't too surprising on Depp's part. If he really wants to get this project going, now is the time. Expect to hear a lot more about this project in coming weeks.