About a month ago we reported that The Rock’s involvement in the Shazaam movie could go one of two ways. While Dwayne Johnson is all but committed to making the movie, he was undecided what capacity that would be in. Interested in playing either the hero, Captain Marvel, or the villain, Black Adam, Johnson left it to fans to decide.

Now the fans have spoken and Johnson has agreed with their word: Dwayne Johnson will play Black Adam, the antithesis of the heroic Captain Marvel, reports MTV Movie Blog. This news actually has me pretty excited. I thought from the start that Johnson fit the part of Adam better.

Just because fans and the actor have made their decision doesn’t mean this is a finished deal though. There’s still final contracts to sign, which most likely mean negotiations of some sort. Involving the fans is a pretty good sign of confidence, however. If Johnson wasn’t planning to be involved he wouldn’t have turned to his fanbase for support in making the decision.

Among other things that need to be finalized is the script. According to the actor, the character is being adjusted to fit the actor’s personal strengths. So, I guess the villain will be able to raise his eyebrow dramatically at some point.

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