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As far as we can tell, everyone was blown away by the outright radness of Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens trailer that hit the web last week. The toughness, the action and the sci-fi all seemed to mesh together in one western omelette of awesome, which was surprisingly un-silly given the title.

Josh Horowitz over at MTV had the chance to sit down with the director and chat about this little snippet of what will be a much large film both in length and scope. Once he got over the shock of doing commentary on 150 seconds of film, the Iron Man director had some nice insight into why he made some of the decisions he did and what to expect from one of cinema’s all-time most lovable badasses, Harrison Ford.

If you’ve yet to see the trailer in full, head over here and scope it out, then come on back to see the interview with Favreau. Learn more about Cowboys and Aliens at our Blend Movie Database.

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