Since 2004 Jon Turteltaub has been on a distinct Nicolas Cage kick, going from the director of middle comedies like Cool Runnings and The Kid to a genuine blockbuster helmet thanks to the two National Treasure films. When his third Cage collaboration The Sorcerer's Apprentice didn't turn out so well Turteltaub apparently decided it was time to take a different tack; according to THR, he's in negotiations to direct the romantic comedy Unreasonable Doubt, written by Serendipity's Marc Klein.

I'm betting the wheels in your head are already spinning thanks to that puny title. Is it about lawyers falling in love? About a judge falling for the bailiff? Close!

The story centers on two jurors who fall in love during a court case.

I'm pretty sure that was one of the movies that Adam Sandler's Funny People character starred in, and yet, it's such an irresistible title I'm kind of surprised it hasn't come up earlier. Before you assume that the National Treasure guy couldn't possibly handle a good and frothy romantic comedy, remember one of Turteltaub's earliest films was While You Were Sleeping, the rom-com that allowed Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman to fall for each other at the peak of their mid-90s fame. At the very least, Turteltaub signing on for this makes it all the less likely we'll see that unnecessary third National Treasure film they've been threatening all these years.

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