Jonathan Nolan is attempting to move from being the guy who writes movies for his brother to being the guy who writes movies. After co-writing The Presitge and the upcoming The Dark Knight, both directed by his brother Christopher Nolan, Jonathan has been chosen to write Interstellar, a time travel movie that will be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Variety says that Nolan will start work on the script after he finishes a script he is writing about the great Chicago fire. Nolan’s first foray into movies was his brother Christopher using his short story as the basis for the clever Memento. Nolan will have a bit of time to finish the script since Spielberg first has to finish the fourth Indiana Jones movie and also wants to do a movie about Abraham Lincoln.

Interstellar is expected to be about the use of “wormholes” to travel through time. Apparently Spielberg heard a lecture on this by noted physicist Kip Thorne. Other than using these “wormholes” to bounce through time, there isn’t much else known about the plot. The teaming of Spielberg and the younger Nolan looks good on paper, but based on their schedules, it seems like we may need to update this story in 2009 or so.

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