There’s no other actor in Hollywood I’d rather watch right now than Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Unless of course, he’s in a G.I. Joe movie. But take his disastrous turn as Cobra Commander out of the equation and he’s put together a string of brilliant performances in some of the best movies in recent memory. Most of you have already seen him in Inception, but if you missed him in Brick, The Lookout, or 500 Days of Summer get moving on that Netflix login right now.

So what’s next for JGL? For some reason he’s doing a bike messenger movie.

Bike messenger movies are usually just a notch below bike riding movies which are themselves a rung below motorcycle movies (Easy Rider excepted and Torque unfortunately remembered), but you have to believe Levitt has his reasons for starring in writer/director David Koepp’s Premium Rush. Maybe he saw Ghost Town, which was far better than anyone could have expected. Whatever JGL’s reasons for doing it, apparently he’s really pedaling hard on set. So hard and so fast, in fact, that he slammed his bike into the back of a cab while filming and ended up flying through the vehicle’s rear window.

On his tumblr page JGL posted this rather grisly image:

It’s accompanied by a video in which Levitt acts as if it’s no big deal, laughs it off in fact. But apparently he ended up in some sort of real wreck. So now we know: Joseph Gordon-Levitt does his own pedaling and at least Premium Rush doesn’t have him wearing those awful spandex bike pants. There you have it, your first look at what’s up with Premium Rush. Right now, a lot of blood.

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