KATEY: So can you think of any way this story about JGL can be true and work within the JLA that people are expecting?

SEAN: Oh, the story absolutely can be true. And like I said in the initial story, it makes sense to continue what Nolan established at the end of TDKR. I've gone on record (and taken a shit-ton of heat) for saying the end of Nolan's movie is a cop-out ... for various reasons. But if he was trying to help Warner out by giving them a potential Batman so that they didn't have to reboot the character completely, then they now have a replacement ready to go in JGL. Truthfully, I didn't count on the backlash from D.C. fans who seem to WANT a reboot, allowing Bruce Wayne to return as Batman in a JLA movie.

I might be off, but it feels like Batman fans want the best of both worlds (continuity from the Nolan universe AND Wayne in the suit), and I don't think Warner set it up for them to be able to do that. It's such a weird turn of events. The studio seems to have painted themselves into a massive corner through Nolan's movies. Instead of laying proper groundwork, the way Marvel did in its various origin stories, they are shifting mythology and trying to make it work. And so far, the fans have come out to say, "We don't want it that way."

KATEY: It does mean that the Warner's DC movies won't be able to compete with the Avengers on that everything-was-planned-ahead level-- but I actually kind of like that. The idea of another, massive, completely mapped out franchise is exhausting, while a DC Universe that's shifting a bit to accommodate Nolan's films could be way more interesting to witness. As a follower of the industry, at least-- and as someone with no investment in the comics whatsoever.

SEAN: I agree. It would be fun for the JLA movie to just jump in cold and say, "Here they are! Go have fun!" In fact, I think Eric and I once talked about how the JLA movie should just start with the team already formed and taking on a bad guy. Forget origins. Forget backstory. We know Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash ... just dive right in. Now, that contradicts this notion that JGL is John Blake, and he's been established. Maybe he isn't Blake. Maybe he'll be Bruce Wayne as this rumor continues to unfold. Either way, the JLA movie is interesting. Let;s hope it stays interesting for the right reasons!

KATEY: I agree on everything except one thing: I have no idea who the Flash is. But I'm totally willing to just jump into the deep end and find out on my own if it means no tedious backstory.

Do you want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Batman in Justice League?

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