Jason Reitman is at work now on Young Adult, his follow-up to the Oscar-nominated Up in the Air that also reteams him with his Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, but he's already setting up his next move too-- and has attracted a killer cast to join him. EW reports that Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin will star for Reitman in Labor Day, a drama based on Joyce Maynard's novel (Reitman also adapted the script).

Production is set to start next year in New England, presumably in the warmer months given that it takes place over Labor Day weekend. Winslet would play a single mother who encounters an escaped convict (Brolin) while clothes shopping with her son; for some reason the mother and the boy agree to give the convict a ride, and get wrapped up in his attempts to evade the police who are looking for him. When the book, which is narrated by the 13-year-old son, was published in 2009 The Washington Post called it "a convincing and poignant coming-of-age tale," and despite the dark undertones of the story it seems to be a fairly tender kind of love story too. Not exactly what we've come to expect from Reitman's clever and often sarcastic work, but he's shown a consistent interest in stretching his boundaries, so why not head here?

As for the casting, it's hard to imagine much better, both in terms of star quality and what each of these actors are capable of. Winslet was fantastic as a fragile, verging on self-destructive housewife in Revolutionary Road, a movie virtually no one saw, and she just starred as one of literature's most famous mothers in Mildred Pierce; Winslet can do anything, but playing inward mothers seems to be a particular skill of hers. And Brolin was actually rumored to be in the Young Adult cast before Reitman clarified they were talking about another project, which is most likely Labor Day. He's capable of pretty much anything like Winslet, but he's good at sending out a sense of menace that you can't quite place-- think of Dan White in Milk, or the unpredictable victim Lllewellyn in No Country for Old Men. Even if Reitman hadn't proven so much of his talent already, Labor Day would be a must-see based on the cast alone.

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