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It was just yesterday that Spike Lee was confirmed as the director of the long-gestating American remake of Oldboy, and now a name has already surfaced as a potential star. Twitch Film passes along the news that Mandate Films has put together a wishlist for actors to star in the film, and right now Josh Brolin is sitting at the top of it.

Of course, this comes with even more than the usual fair share of disclaimers-- no offers have been made, no deals have been signed, and with Spike Lee currently shooting a movie in New York, who knows if he's even put together his own wishlist. And Brolin is likely on a list that includes any number of eligible, A or B-list actors who can hold their own in action. The character, named Dae-su Oh in the original Korean film but of course to be renamed here, is sent to prison for mysterious reasons at the beginning of the film, and spends the rest of the movie seeking revenge against the man who cruelly imprisoned him. The movie features some iconic action sequences-- you've probably at least seen images from the one with the hammer-- and though Lee will surely put his own spin on the material, the action-heavy requirements will probably stay.

Brolin is one of just many good choices for the role, which is the rare big starring part that comes with no requirement of race or even age. You can come up with pretty much any adult actor with muscles who you really like and imagine putting him in the role, and since everything is so preliminary, there's pretty much no reason not to. I'd love to see Brolin take on the challenge, but I also like other people suggesting Idris Elba. Are you guys happy with this Brolin news? Share any other suggestions you've got in the comments-- anything goes at this point.

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