Serenity director and “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon gave a ridiculously huge interview to In Focus Magazine in which he talks a little about among other things, his next project, Wonder Woman.

The long and short of it, he hasn’t been working on it… much. “Not too many words,” he says, referring to how much of the script he’s written. “I’m still working out the plot. But I’m finding the moments that matter; I’m finding the things that make the story really resonate; the things that I just can’t wait to film.”

Of course one of the biggest questions about the film is whether Diana will fly. Joss admits that he hasn’t totally discounted giving her an invisible jet, “I do not believe she will be flying. I think we have a guy who flies. I don’t see her flying. She might jump. There could be some hopping. And there may in fact be an invisible plane. But if there is, it will be because it came out really cool. And I have theories about how to make that work.” But at least if she is in the jet, we won’t have to stare at overly patriotic panties, “The look that she’s sporting in DC Comics right now is closer to where I’d have her than the TV series, or the old look. The color scheme and the silhouette have to remain because they’re her. But the American flag is not what she’s going to be wearing… She’s still going to look like Wonder Woman. She’s not going to look like Trinity. She’s going to look like Wonder Woman, but she’s just not going to be hokey.”

One of the rumors that’s been flying around forever is that Sandra Bullock could be considered for the role, but Joss shoots that down. Warner Brothers is looking for someone younger, “So, yes, they are thinking of a young woman. They’re thinking, I expect, of something franchise-able.” Not just younger, but taller. No, they aren’t looking for Chyna, “I’m looking for somebody statuesque, regal, beautiful, who can really act and do a lot of stunts with no elbow or knee pads. I’m asking a lot. So if I happen to find all those qualities in somebody who does not quite meet my height requirement, I will be casting some really short love interest. The height is definitely a part of the package.”

To read the full interview, and see Joss’s words on other things like Return of the Jedi, Speed and Toy Story, click over to In Focus. He even agrees that there’s cause for concern with Serenity’s marketing campaign. At last, acknowledgement that I’m not a total fool (take that low self-esteem): “I’m as worried about the marketing campaign as I would have been had we never done this, because it’s the people who don’t know what this is about that we need to reach out to.”

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