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When news broke last month that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot would be going forward without Joss Whedon, the only word from the master himself was a terse "I hope it's cool" in at Entertainment Weekly online.

But now, speaking to that same publication, Whedon has admitted that the producers of the new film got in touch with his agent, and Whedon said, essentially, hell no. "I believe [the producers] did ultimately reach out to my agent after the news broke. I think that's something better left untouched by me. So, I wish them luck."

Is Whedon abandoning loyal fans of his TV series by leaving the new movie without his input? Hardly. The man knows this is out of his hands, and rather than try to force his own vision through a studio production, he's setting Buffyfree, probably knowing full well that this idea is a giant disaster waiting to happen. Well done on saving your own reputation, Joss. Thanks for reminding us that your good judgment remains intact.

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