We still don't know much about the plot of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's horror movie Cabin in the Woods, but one thing's for certain-- it's apparently going to look awesome in 3D. Shock Til You Drop is reporting that MGM has delayed the film a year in order to convert it into 3D, giving it a new release date of January 14, 2011.

MGM, which has been suffering well-publicized financial problems, claims the delay is because of great early response to the film. And it's true that horror movies tend to do pretty well in 3D. But if there's going to be a 3D Joss Whedon horror movie, don't you kind of wish he'd been able to shoot it for 3D all along? I'll be excited to see Cabin in the Woods when it finally comes out regardless, but it seems like there was a better way to make this happen with a little more planning.

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