In late May we heard the depressing news here that Summit Entertainment was working on remaking the original Highlander movie. That’s the good one of the bunch by the way, the only one that absolutely doesn’t need a remake. Now comes word from the guys over at JoBlo that they may have found their new Connor McLeod.

They caught actor Kevin McKidd, probably best known as the Scottish guy from Made in Manhattan or as the star of the short-lived series Journeyman, on Dublin radio. While working the airwaves, McKidd revealed that he’d been approached about starring in a new Highlander film. He didn’t offer much more information than that, but even that tidbit’s pretty big.

Remaking Highlander is a terrible idea of course, but if we’re going to be forced to endure it, at least they found someone for the part who is actually Scottish. Not just Scottish, but I think pretty capable of pulling off the part. In Journeyman he played the sensitive, touchy-feely guy part pretty well and in Made of Honor he was literally the only thing that didn’t suck as, playing a rough, tough, brutish, traditional, kilt-wearing Scotsman. Combine those two characters together and you have Connor McLeod, the Highlander.

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