Resident Evil: Extinction spends a lot of its running time just setting up another movie, so it’s no surprise that there’s already talk of a Resident Evil 4. What is surprising is that it may not feature the franchise’s star, Milla Jovovich.

Ali Larter, one of the stars of TV’s Heroes and Jovovich’s co-star in Resident Evil: Extinction showed up at the film’s promotional press day in Las Vegas and answered questions about the possibility of another RE movie. According to Shock Til You Drop, she says she’s already heard “whispers” of a fourth film and, surprisingly, seems to think it may be a spin off from the Alice character arc we’re familiar with into a story focused on her Claire Redfield character.

Personally, I’d love to know what she’s smoking. Yes, the way Resident Evil 3 ends I suppose there’s room for a spin off involving Claire. She has second billing in RE 3, so I guess if you’re going to make a movie using some other character besides Alice it would have to be her. But she’s upstaged in nearly every scene by just about anyone and everyone who happens to be in front of the camera next to her.

It’s not that Larter’s bad, it’s just that the character has no personality. I very nearly omitted any mention of her entirely from my review of Extinction, Claire is such a non-factor. Yes she gets a lot of screen time, but most of it’s pretty meaningless. Oded Fehr gets the movie's best character moment and Milla Jovovich gets all the cool stunts. Ali Larter wears a hat, and that’s about all there is to Claire Redfield. Definitely not enough to deserve her own movie.

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