A few days back, rumors started hitting the internet that Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson was mulling an offer to star opposite Keira Knightley in a new adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. He's still yet to officially board, but now it seems the studio has also honed in on its other potential male lead.

According to Variety, the actor in question is Jude Law, though it's still a little unclear which role he might potentially be attached to in the eight-part novel. There's Anna husband, twenty years her senior, which might work considering Law is thirteen years older than Knightley. There's also the soldier she falls in love with and her brother Stiva, who philanders around as well. There's a good amount of cheating that will go on regardless.

Anna Karenina is being directed by Joe Wright who has proven himself more than capable with period pieces such as Atonement in the past. Because of that success, he's attracting an A-list cast to fill out the roles. The novel, an absolute masterpiece, deserves nothing short of a brilliant film, and if both Law and Johnson come on board, audiences should get just that.

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