As you’ve no doubt heard, after years of rumor and speculation, Beverly Hills Cop 4 may finally get made. The guys over at Latino Review spoke to Beverly Hills producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura about the project, and found out a few interesting tidbits. For instance he revealed that it’s third on Eddie’s upcoming film list, which means it’ll be a bit before they get started on it.

But the most surprising thing in Di Bonaventura’s comments is that he c. Lorenzo says, “If it was just my vote I think you would take Axle and movie him.” Presumably that means moving him out of Beverly Hills and away from buddies there like Reinhold. Of course then you’ve got to wonder… why still call it Beverly Hills Cop?

Obviously Eddie is the key to the thing, but I’ve always though Reinhold was a pretty important part of the whole BHC formula. To me, Beverly Hills Cop is a buddy movie, it’s not just the Axle Foley show. I’m already hesitant about revisiting and old franchise like this, but if they’re ditching Reinhold then my interest level drops almost to zero.

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