You have a second season of your web series coming too. It seems like you're on this edge that people don't know is there yet. They're not paying attention to web series. Why is that something you're passionate about?
It's the kind of thing that in retrospect was an edgy thing to do. It was a leap of faith. Part of me really wanted to work with Rodrigo Garcia, and when he sent me the script, I was like "I don't know, what is this web series thing… it's the Internet, does that cheapen it somehow?" But when I read the script I really loved the writing, and the fact that people, that we made a second season and that it was a good decision for me to do that, or that people are responding to Blue, is such an affirmation of my instincts, which is that if the script is good and the execution is good, that's the only thing that you can control and that's how you should make your decisions.

When you see something like House of Cards on Netflix, do you say "Yeah, we've been doing this for years!" Are people catching up?
I feel like I'm catching up too. I do think that's the way that people watch programming now, and this is sort of a new frontier so why not see where it goes and be a part of it instead of being averse to it. What I like about it is, instead of regular movies or TV, you spend so much time trying to get it financed and get out of the public. But it's nice to just make something and have it come out immediately.

It feels like you choose your projects really careful. Do you feel that way?
I definitely don't have as much control over my career as I would like to pretend I do, but I'm very thoughtful about the roles I take. I can't fake enthusiasm about something I', working on. It's like a romance in a weird way. The opposite ends of the magnet find each other-- does that sound really hokey? If I can't get my mojo up for a part, I don't think the director's going to get their mojo up for me. And if I don't gravitate toward certain material, it's going to show. But I'm working with what I"m offered.

Did you always know that you couldn't work yourself up for something you didn't want to do, or did it take a lot of time to learn that?
Yeah, there was a little period of time where I feel like I was wandering a little bit.

Do you know what made the difference for you?
Like, late 20s. Probably like a year ago. [Laughs] No, but much later was when I started to feel like I was owning my own career and able to communicate what I wanted. It's part of just growing up.

So it wasn't a role in particular?
No, I think it was a period of time. Maybe around Dexter, but also-- It's A Disaster, it's such a nice affirmation to have it out now, and people responding well to it too. I remember saying to my agents, "I really believe in these guys."

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