One of last years most intriguing people was undoubtedly Julian Assange. Whether you thought was he was doing was right or wrong, there was no way you weren’t hearing about him and everything he’s allegedly done.

To help pay for his ever mounting legal fees, Assange took a deal in which he would receive $1 million in exchange for his autobiography. There was a lot of controversy around this, as people immediately called him out for profiting on the secrets of the government and blah blah blah people complaining about stuff they don’t need to complain about.

Anyway, another biography was written by Australian reporter Andrew Fowler called The Most Dangerous Man in the World, which THR says has been optioned - though that’s as far into the process they’ve gotten. Producers Barry Josephson and Michelle Krumm landed the deal, but they have hired no screenwriters, no director, and no actors. Of course this is the first step, but often producers will already have pre-production crews lined up.

The real question here is, who is going to care enough about this to even see this movie at least a year from now? The man may have lived an interesting life up til now, but he’s already not the headline anymore. Interest has fallen by the wayside. If they don’t rush this thing out the door, most people’s reaction to the film’s announcement will be, “Who is that guy again?” More on this as it comes to us.

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