If I could say one thing to the producers of the upcoming Footloose remake it would be this: “No!” If I could say two things, then the second thing I would say is that just because a girl is pretty and can dance, does not mean she should be in Footloose. Hopefully they’ll realize this on their own, because Dancing with the Stars notable Julianne Hough is screen testing for the movie this week, according to EW.

Actually it seems that the folks making Footloose may have already realized that good looks and fast feet is not all that’s needed to carry their remake. Word is that they’re actually interested in Hough because of her side career as a country music singer. Why don’t I remember a lot of singing in Footloose? Or has it simply been too long since I’ve seen it? I thought it was about dancing. It seems this version of Footloose is actually going to be some sort of musical. Maybe even a country-western musical? Producer Neil Meron says, “It’s a much more singing-intensive movie for the female lead.”

Remember all the classic songs from the Footloose soundtrack? What was the name of that really popular one again? Oh yeah, “Footloose”. Well in this version they won’t just crank up the radio and dance to them. Nope, we’re living in a post-High School Musical world. Many of the classic songs from the original movie will rear their ugly heads, but this time the kids will be singing them, because that’s what modern teenagers want now. Singing. What a strange world. That’s the sort of thing that would’ve gotten you beaten up and left naked in a dumpster back when I was a teenager. Better times. Less flamboyant times. Now kids get beat up if they can’t hit the right high note, or maybe they beat each other up so they can hit high notes. One of those options I’m absolutely certain, is correct.

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