For an actor who occasionally comes across as a bit generic and middle of the road, Justin Long is surprisingly good about taking independent films and strange bit parts in larger movies. He seems to work because he likes it rather than because he has to. Otherwise, how in the world would he have ended up as the gay pornographer in Kevin Smith's Zack And Miri Make A Porno or as Civil War era Nicholas Baker in The Conspirator? For his next part, he's not venturing quite as far out on the limb, but he is going noticeably more underground. The film in question is called Lumpy, and it's being directed by first-time helmer Ted Koland.

The basic premise follows Long's character, Scott, who's dealt a crushing blow after his buddy, the title character and resident wild man in the group of friends, dies right before his friend's wedding. Saddened and cheated out of a honeymoon, Scott heads back to his hometown of Minneapolis to bury his friend only to find out the two may not have been as close as he thought. As Lumpy's secrets pour out one-by-one, he begins to reevaluate his entire past.

Thanks to the press release we received, we know Lumpy has just begun shooting on location in Minnesota. It also stars Jess Weixler, the protagonist in the ultra creepy Teeth, and Michael Landes, probably best known for Final Destination 2. Tyler Labine, Addison Timlin, Shelley Long and Evan Jones are also part of the cast.

No word on a possible premiere date, but if Lumpy starts generating buzz, it'll likely end up in a lot more theaters than if it doesn't. That's the pressure inherent to making an indie flick, but if director Ted Koland pulls it off, expect him to start getting studio offers to work on larger pictures.

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