While it hasn’t inspired as many rumors and casting stories as The Hunger Games, the Total Recall remake has been privy to its own share of movie news gossip lately. Within just the last few months both Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel have been mentioned in connection with the project, but until today, those juicy tidbits weren’t anything more than rumors. Now they’re official.

Through a shrewd bit of domestic pandering, director Len Wiseman has convinced his wife Kate Beckinsale to join Total Recall. She’ll play Farrell’s former spouse Lori. In addition, Jessica Biel has also officially boarded. Since she’s not the wife of anyone involved, we can assume her interest is more business than personal. According to Collider, she’ll fight alongside Farrell and his establishment-shaking brethren as Melina.

The first time I saw Total Recall, I was almost euphoric before the opening credits even rolled. Eleven years old, addicted to action movies and dumbfounded my parents let me rent it, I was convinced it was going to be the greatest film I had ever seen. Needless to say, it lived up to my lofty eleven year old expectations. Civilians were gunned down, chicks flashed their third boobs and I forged a new found respect for Arnold’s impressive killing capabilities. A decade and a half later, I was noticeably less excited when plans for the Colin Farrell-led remake were announced, but it turns out my early eye rolling may have been misguided. The additions of Beckinsale and Beal further fortify an already stacked supporting cast that already included Ethan Hawke and Bryan Cranston

Total Recall begins filming in Toronto this week with an eye toward a domestic release next summer.

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