Given that she's married to director Len Wiseman and has starred in his Underworld films, it should come as no surprise that Kate Beckinsale has been offered one of the lead female roles in Wiseman's Total Recall remake. According to Deadline Beckinsale would play Lori, the role originated by Sharon Stone in the 1990 film, the wife of the main character (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger the first time and Colin Farrell for this go-round) who is, well, not what she seems.

Deadline is also hearing that Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are the lead candidates for the other main female role, Melina, and that since Beckinsale is currently at work on the fourth Underworld movie (without Wiseman directing this one), it may be a while before we know if she's accepted. Even for the hard core Total Recall fans worried about how this remake will turn out, though, it probably won't really matter who plays Lori-- the devil will be in the specifics of how Wiseman handles the story, and if anything about this remake can justify its existence. Beckinsale seems like a fine choice, but unlikely to make or break the movie one way or another.

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