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How do you solve a problem like Katherine Heigl's movie career? The actress who was on top of the world in 2007-- starring on the hit series Grey's Anatomy, getting dirty and funny in Knocked Up-- saw two more rom-com hits after that, The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses, that were as successful with audiences as they were reviled by critics. In 2010 it went downhill with the twin flops Killers and Life As We Know It, and with Heigl now off Grey's Anatomy and not doing much to change a reputation for being difficult and unlikeable, it's a serious question now if she'll ever be as big a star again.

This summer she was supposed to be making a go at it, starring in the action comedy One For The Money based on the best-selling Janet Evanovich book, but now those plans have been scrapped by distributor Lionsgate. According to Entertainment Weekly the studio has pulled the film from a planned June 3 release date, barely weeks after initially moving it from a July 8 opening. The June 3 date had One For The Money scheduled opposite X-Men: First Class, which struck me as a pretty good counterprogramming move, but apparently the studio didn't agree. "We just want to find the right home for [the film],” they told EW “and that [date] didn’t feel like it.”

There's no guarantee that this means they'll dump One For The Money-- after all, the book has lots of fans who will likely turn out--but the shift seems more like a recognition that they need to carefully market the movie to get audiences to show up for a movie starring the girl from Killers. I'm still holding out hope for Heigl's career revival-- we have far too few funny women working to squander even one of them-- but it looks to be delayed for now.

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