As someone who gets to play a lot of different parts, you pop up in a lot of different things as someone different. But have you ever played a character so central to the story?
This was new. In theater, I guess I have, but in film, I have not been asked to do this. It was the best feeling. I did theater, I went to graduate school, and I hadn't felt what that in it, deep deep in it for that amount of time. I felt like going back to school. That passion, that amount of investment, I hadn't felt since I was a kid, I feel like.

Is that you and Jill really putting your heads together to make this?
Yes. I feel like I walked off the set the first day, and Jane Lynch was like "Oh my god, that's a little Jill Soloway." How I dressed was exactly like Jill.

This was obviously written from someone who knows this world. Is that your world too?
Yeah, I live in Silver Lake, like two blocks from where we shot. It was my hot Honda Odyssey [in the film].

Your character's car was your car?
Yes! I'm going to bring back the minivan. They rented something, but it was the only car that they could get the camera in the back. I think it makes her loneliness a little louder, because, what is wrong? Everything is so perfect.

God I love that house though.
I want that house. I love that design so much. I think that woman's journey is really relatable, and that relationship with her husband kills me.

I assume you and Josh Radnor spent a lot of time figuring out these people too.
It was a three and a half week shoot. The first half was Juno-heavy, and that was really profound. And I wondered how we were going to top it. He could only do the second half because of his television show. We would shoot for six days, and he would come in on the seventh day just to rehearse. I'm really proud of it, because I feel like it's just specific, and not like a cliched marriage. We know those people. I have so many friends who are Rachel and Jeff.

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